The next generation in Secure Anonymous payment for products and service on the web.

This phone fantasy web site accepts payments via PF pre-paid phone cards. Payment for your phone fantasy call will be processed as a " Pre-Paid Phone Card" and will show up on your credit card bill as " - GA."

By making your purchase with a pre-paid phone card, the details of you purchase is not provided to your credit card company. When you get your statement it will show a purchase made to - Canton GA.  If a spouse, girl friend, mother or even yourself wants to inquire as to what the purchase was for you will be told that it was for a pre-paid ecard that was used to purchase a product or service on the web. The product or service that the pre-paid ecard was used for is never given out as that information is purged from the system once the pre-paid ecard has been used.

If you ever have a problem using one of our pre-paid phone cards please contact us via email at

Billing questions email us at

We provide a 100% money back refund on pre-paid phone cards purchased but not used within 3 days of purchase. There are no refunds in full or part on pre-paid phone cards that have been used.  If you are not satisfied with any of the services obtained with our ecards please email us We will work  to gain your satisfaction. is a Registered Service Mark of On-Line Communications, Inc.



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